APT expecting big demand for its standby power solutions

APT is expecting a large increase in demand for its standby power solutions as Alistair Buchanan, Chief Executive of OFGEM’s comments cause concerns within the UK IT Industry following on from his statement that “the combination of UK power plants closing, foreign gas supplies shrinking, and demand rising, has made British energy reserves “uncomfortably tight”.



“We have to face the likelihood that avoiding power shortages will also carry a price. If you can imagine a ride on a roller-coaster at a fair ground, then this winter, we are at the top of the circuit and we head downhill – fast. Within three years we will see reserve margin of generation fall from around 14% to below 5%. That is uncomfortably tight. About 10% of our current generation stock goes next month as coal and oil fired power stations close earlier than expected to meet environmental targets’ he said in an article in the Daily Telegraph recently.