Data Center Management

While power, cooling and cost control remain top concerns in the data center, new questions including Green IT, energy efficiency, PUE, utility negotiations and return on investment are highlighting the need for a new, business orientation to Data Center management. To truly drive complete Data Center performance with maximized availability and energy efficiency, a Data Center Management team requires integrated insight and control of the various electrical power, cooling, security, and physical IT infrastructure systems that compliment the traditional Enterprise management and network management systems.

StruxureWare for Data Centers is a mission-critical management software suite designed to address all aspects of the data center physical infrastructure needed to maximize productivity, availability and efficiency. StruxureWare for Data Centers combines Schneider Electric’s market leading Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Data Center Facility Management (DCFM) software tools to provide data gathering, monitoring and automation, as well as planning and implementation functionality enabling an integrated and multifaceted view of all the mission-critical physical systems of the data center.

Organizations struggling with the complexities of availability, server consolidation, virtualization and energy management are increasingly looking for more intelligent physical infrastructure management systems. Schneider Electric brings customers proactive data center management through integrated software applications enabling design, real-time monitoring, inventory management and planning through predictive simulation. StruxureWare for Data Centers’ end-to-end management approach allows data centers to run more smoothly on a daily basis, and its built-in business tools for short and long-term planning and budgeting help keep capital and operational costs and energy use in line.