Extended Warranty

With an Extended Warranty program, you will have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event of a failure, your product will be repaired or replaced quickly, minimizing downtime.

Preventative Maintenance

In order to keep your UPS systems running at maximum efficiency, it is imperative that Preventive Maintenance be performed on a regular basis. Our service policy is to prevent problems before they occur. Proper care and regular maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary downtime, saving you time and money.

On-Site Services

In today’s world, keeping your systems on line is critical to your business. An extended outage can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost productivity. APT On Site Repair services are designed to get you the help you need on location to bring your business back up and running in a time frame compatible with your business requirements. Our Field Service Engineers are trained to isolate and correct the problem in as little time as possible, minimizing downtime. Available in a variety of response times (please call or email for details) we can provide solutions for all our customers needs.


Our UPS service team provides electrical installation work using qualified engineers to the IEE regulations, 17th edition. The work covers the provision of the necessary electrical supplies, cables, distribution boards and MCBs necessary to connect and power the UPS, generator and bypass. The service provides cable ‘tails’ for connection when the UPS are commissioned. It can be provided on a 24/7 basis, inside or outside normal working hours. All work is subject to quotation following a site survey.

Purchasing Installation Services from Advanced Power Technology allows you to take advantage of project engineering expertise gained from years of experience designing and implementing complex infrastructure solutions. An Advanced Power Technology installation and commissioning of your solution ensures your equipment is configured for optimal performance, saving you time and money and extending the life of your hardware solution. With the option of installation packages or individual service components, our installation services are structured in such a way as to allow you to pick and choose what you would like APT to do for you.

Remote Monitoring

A professional service which securely monitors customers’ power systems. The service provides remote 24 x 7 UPS supervision responding to events with a dedicated customer response. For more details please call or email.

Battery build

Where it is physically impossible to deliver, site and position a battery cabinet or rack, construction of the separate components (cabinet/rack, batteries and breakers) must be completed on site. Battery build inside and outside working hours is quoted per project.
Health Checks
Advanced Power Technology can provide a Health Check service for any UPS or standby power systems to assess the UPS for inclusion on a maintenance contract or simply to return it back to full operational health.